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SmartBreed is a Swiss agritech start-up that offers insect farmers a complete local solution. In stackable, fully automated boxes, grasshoppers can be bred in a cost-effective, resource-saving and hygienic way. The project also supplies insect food and grasshopper eggs, which are automatically utilized in the box. The smart boxes are equipped with numerous sensors so that the breeding conditions can be continuously optimized thanks to the data collected.


Wir lernen weiter

The "Wir lernen weiter" project aims to make education an equal opportunity for all, including at the digital level. The most important prerequisite for this is that every child has access to a laptop at home - even if the monetary means are lacking. The "Wir lernen weiter" project refurbishes old devices and then gives them away to families in need, with no expectation of anything in return. Because too many laptops end up as electronic waste, although they could have a valuable new start elsewhere.



Aurelion is the name of an intelligent lighting system for industrial plant cultivation. With individually controlled diodes and a fully configurable app, it is possible to set an exact light spectrum over a course of a day - or to simulate different climates and vegetation zones. In this way, the specific light requirements of plants can be covered, which is why yield and lighting efficiency increase. Thanks to the use of aluminum and 3D printed parts, the product can be largely recycled.