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The project aims to replace plastic in everyday products by offering consumers an alternative made from mushrooms. Due to the unique properties of the substance, the product can take any shape: It is made from biological waste, which in turn makes it biodegradable. At the end of its life, it can be recycled to create new products from mushrooms. The goal is a self-sustaining circular economy. With mushrooms, the project advocates plastic-free products without harming the environment.


Most Swiss people today are under the constant influence of media that lure them with reward systems. In comparison, there is little motivation to find out about National Council candidates or the next initiatives. This is where Sophie Walker's project comes in: an app is planned that encourages people to vote in a playful way. The focus is on co-design - the neutral inclusion of voters, experts and institutions with a wide range of political attitudes. A prototype of the app was tested during the federal elections in fall 2019.



"More impact through intercultural international education initiatives" is the motto of Nesrine and Houda Bourbia. Their Backpack2school education initiative accompanies international school projects on the topic of education for sustainability, facilitates exchange programs for students of education - and builds bridges between elementary school, universities and other institutions outside Europe.


The project aims to facilitate university access for student refugees at the University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland and to accompany them on their way to a degree program. Within the framework of a one-year support program, language skills are promoted and initial modules in the desired field of study can be attended. In the process, the refugees are assigned volunteer students as mentors. The project's triage office has the task of coordination, accompaniment, counseling and support. In this way, the university assumes social responsibility and is committed to equal opportunities and protection against discrimination.


Beeyond is a Swiss streetwear brand and aims to raise awareness for sustainable clothing. At the same time, Beeyond offers an accessible way to save bees that are threatened with extinction. Together with a beekeeper partner in Transylvania, Beeyond has launched the "Save some Bees" initiative. For every sustainable product sold, Beeyond invests in the cultivation of at least 1000 European honey bees - through the direct production of honeycombs. The honeycombs are cultivated in Transylvania, under strict organic management.