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Simon & Josef

The S & J platform digitizes room service via smartphone. Thanks to the sustainable service, hotels can optimize their processes and improve the customer experience. Via the platform, the hotel sends an SMS with a link to the survey to every guest who stays at least two nights. The guest can use it to cancel or personalize their room cleaning. During the six-month test phase with 13 hotels and 600 rooms, S & J saved a staggering 65,000 L of water, 125 L of chemicals and 140 kWh of electricity for their clients.


Antefil Composite Tech

Producing high quality plastic parts quickly and affordably: That's the goal of Antefil Composite Tech. And it does so with preforms made of glass fibers that are individually coated with a meltable, recyclable plastic. The innovative approach reduces cycle time in the production of large parts - and at the same time improves material quality by evenly distributing fibers and plastic. In this way, the start-up aims to accelerate the transition of the global composites industry to a more cost- and energy-efficient future.



Bran is a by-product of grain production, 95% of which is wasted in Switzerland every year. Around 170,000 tons end up in waste. To recycle bran, KLY works with reliable Swiss mills. The upcycling process introduces the grain as a superfood in the form of KLY SustainGrain. This is because bran has extremely high levels of fiber, protein and minerals - and can be transformed into many healthy, disease-fighting and nutrient-rich food applications.

In business with the neighborhood    

Frank – Your Neighbourhood Store

With its pre-produced shops, Frank offers an alternative to the usual retail trade: thanks to 18 m2 containers in which producers can sell their fresh products in the neighborhood at low cost. The ingenious infrastructure is complemented by an equally efficient operating model. Self-service checkouts linked to the sales software automate inventory tracking in real time. Producers gain freedom in pricing - consumers enjoy access to seasonal produce from the region.

Packaged clever forever


Recycling containers for takeaway food: oREgami offers a sustainable option to disposable packaging - and aims to reduce its ecological impact. Consumers enjoy high-quality containers and convenient return options at supermarkets and city hotspots, with external partners performing collection and cleaning. Compact origami-inspired packaging designs allow oREgami to offer a wide variety of items (trays, boxes, tablets, cups, cartons, etc.) and optimize cleaning efficiency and return logistics.

Growing joy

Pleasant Plants

Pleasant Plants stands for highly efficient and versatile automated growing systems - contributing to sustainable agriculture. The products maximize plant growth in home and work environments, conserve water and nutrients, and minimize waste products. Modular designs allow homes, restaurants and farms to customize and expand their indoor gardens to meet their needs. Pleasant Plants enables them to grow organic food exactly when and where they need it.

Anything but sugarcoating


Every year, Switzerland throws away around 1 million coated disposable pans. Their recycling - mostly via Asia - requires large amounts of energy and causes emissions. RePan wants to renew the frying pans: A specialist removes the old coating and refits the pans with several layers in gastro standard. This avoids the environmental, economic and socially questionable factors of mining and energy-intensive recycling. The RePan alternative is up to 95% more environmentally friendly and healthier, as well as being local and less material intensive

Chic ideas against fast fashion  


The REVIVI online store focuses on a handpicked selection of sustainable clothing. The design of the items is timeless and easy to combine for different occasions. The garments should give pleasure for as long as possible - but can be returned free of charge. So that only what is really worn remains in the closet. If you make a mistake, you can simply return the purchased items via the REVIVI trade-in program. Items in good condition are then sold in the second-hand section.

Taboo menstruation


The Tropfbox business concept creates an online platform for all things related to the female period: First, it provides access to biodegradable menstrual hygiene products that can be purchased by subscription and include a social contribution. Second, Tropfbox personalizes the purchasing process - providing reliable and sustainable hygiene products that can be customized to each customer's cycle. Third, women between the ages of 13 and 52 can exchange ideas on the topic, especially on taboos and female empowerment.

Cleaner cleaning is an art


ZHAM brings a sustainable, locally-produced and stylish cleaning product to Zurich homes: By selling refillable 500mL spray bottles of cleaning concentrate, it massively reduces the use of single-use plastic - and minimizes the transportation of water as a key weight component (90% of traditional cleaning products). The glass bottles, designed by Zurich artists, aesthetically enhance any room and lead to a plastic reduction of up to 1.2 kg plastic (per household, per year) through multiple use.